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Recent Case Results

The following case summaries are just some of the recent verdicts obtained by Matthew. Every case is different and there is no guarantee or promise that your case will have the same outcome.

State vs. B.D.

Summary: Driving While Impaired case. Client blew a .23. Arrest was challenged as unconstitutional in Superior Court.

Result: The Judge granted the Defendant’s motion’s to suppress the arrest due to a 4th amendment violation.

State vs. A.B.

Summary:  Driving While Impaired case. Client blew a 0.16. Field Sobriety Tests were not administered by officer as proscribed in the NHSTA Student Manual. BAC result was kept out of evidence.

Result:  Not Guilty by Trial by Judge.

State v. L.M

Summary: Driving While Impaired case. Client blew a .09. One of the two arresting officers repeatedly did not show up to court.

Result: Voluntarily dismissed by the State after motion to continue denied.

State vs. T.G.

Summary: Client charged with Felony Organized Retail Theft. We rejected State’s plea offer to a misdemeanor in district court and case was indicted to Superior Court.

Result: Voluntarily Dismissed by the State due to lack of evidence.

State v. T.M.

Summary: Driving While Impaired case. Client failed all field sobriety test and was accused of drug impairment after failing a DRE test. Blood test revealed the presence of drugs but none that were classified as “impairing”.

Result: Voluntarily dismissed by the State

State vs. M.G.

Summary: Originally charged with Felony Larceny.

Result: Not Guilty by Trial by Jury

State vs. B.R.

Summary: Driving While Impaired. Checkpoint case in Garner, NC.

Result: Motion to Dismiss Granted. Checkpoint ruled unconstitutional.

State vs. L.S.

Summary: Misdemeanor Child Abuse, Larceny.

Result: Voluntarily Dismissed by the State after Motion to Continue denied by Judge.

State vs. S.W.

Summary: Assault on a Female and Injury to Personal Property

Result: Deferral / Dismissal.

State vs. A.M.

Summary: Felony Possession of Cocaine

Result: Voluntarily Dismissed by State for lack of evidence.

Matthew prides himself in taking on challenging cases and fighting hard for his clients to obtain the best results through both negotiation and litigation. The decision to take your case to trial is ultimately one for the client to make, but Matthew will ensure that his client makes the most informed decision possible, after weighing all of the pros and cons of each particular decision.