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Moving Violations

Moving violations can range from the simple failure to maintain lane control to more serious violations such as aggressive driving or passing a stopped school bus.

Examples of license points assigned for common moving violations are listed below:

Violation License Points
Littering involving a motor vehicle 1
Failure to stop for siren 3
No liability insurance 3
Running through stop sign 3
Failure to yield right-of-way to pedestrian 4
Reckless driving 4
Hit and run, property damage only 4
Passing a stopped school bus 5
Aggressive driving 5

Points on your license can quickly add up. If you get 12 license points within 3 years the DMV can suspend your license. Merely showing up to court to plead guilty or paying your traffic ticket off can lead to very negative consequences. Matthew is very familiar with the point system and knows which violations can be reduced to lesser violations, saving you points on your license and a costly increase in insurance premiums. In the rare instance where the violation is unfounded by the evidence, Matthew will fight for your rights and negotiate for an outright dismissal.

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