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Traffic Violations

Speeding Tickets

Even though speeding tickets are common throughout the State, they can have a very real and serious effect on your driver’s license and insurance rates. Individuals charged with speeding infractions that go to court without a lawyer can be making a big mistake by not realizing the consequences that can accompany even a simple speeding ticket.

Traffic infractions can carry two types of points, insurance points and driver’s license points. For example, a conviction for speeding over 55 MPH will result in 3 driver’s license points. Since 12 driver’s license points can lead to the DMV suspending your license and insurance points can dramatically increase your car insurance rates, it is important to hire an attorney that knows the consequences of each infraction and can achieve the best result for you based on your driving record. Even one serious speeding conviction can lead to your license being suspended by the DMV. Merely paying off your speeding ticket is equivalent to a guilty plea which could have serious negative implications for you license and driving record.

Matthew will work for you to minimize the impact of the ticket on your license as well as the financial impact of an insurance rate increase, which on average is a 25% increase in your insurance rate per point. Whether it’s negotiating a prayer for judgment continued, a reduction of the charge, a dismissal, or fighting your ticket in court, Matthew will achieve the best possible result for you.

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Moving Violations

Moving violations can range from the simple failure to maintain lane control to more serious violations such as aggressive driving or passing a stopped school bus.

Examples of license points assigned for common moving violations are listed below:

Violation License Points
Littering involving a motor vehicle 1
Failure to stop for siren 3
No liability insurance 3
Running through stop sign 3
Failure to yield right-of-way to pedestrian 4
Reckless driving 4
Hit and run, property damage only 4
Passing a stopped school bus 5
Aggressive driving 5

Points on your license can quickly add up. If you get 12 license points within 3 years the DMV can suspend your license. Merely showing up to court to plead guilty or paying your traffic ticket off can lead to very negative consequences. Matthew is very familiar with the point system and knows which violations can be reduced to lesser violations, saving you points on your license and a costly increase in insurance premiums. In the rare instance where the violation is unfounded by the evidence, Matthew will fight for your rights and negotiate for an outright dismissal.

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Out of Town Traffic Offenses

If you are visiting the area from out of town or out of state you might not know that a traffic ticket received in one town or state is also valid in other jurisdictions. Other states and towns have access to online information systems that collect, store and share driving records. If, for example, you are in the Raleigh/Durham area for business and receive a traffic ticket, just paying off the ticket may not be the smartest move you can make. By consulting and hiring Matthew to handle your ticket, he will appear in court on your behalf for violations that allow it, and negotiate the best possible reduction for your ticket, request a PJC, or get one or more violations dismissed. The small amount you pay for representation can save you the convenience of going to court and can save you valuable license points and money on insurance premiums.

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Driver’s License Suspensions

A driver’s license is a privilege in North Carolina and that privilege can be taken away from you for a number of reasons. Whether the reason is because your license has accumulated 12 points in a 3 year period or because you were convicted of a serious moving violation, misdemeanor, or felony relating to the use of a motor vehicle, you still have some options. There are cases when the DMV will issues a limited driving privilege to those who have had their license suspended. This privilege may place conditions on the time periods and the purposes for which you may drive. Matthew’s knowledge of the law encompassing license suspensions and limited driving privileges will prove valuable to helping you get back on the road as soon as possible. Matthew will take the steps necessary to get your driving record back on track, whether it’s requesting a limited driving privilege or representing you in a DMV restoration hearing if available.

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