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DWI – Driving While Impaired

In North Carolina, it is a criminal offense to be driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or a drug. There are several ways for the State to show that you were impaired.

1.) Register a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher on the Intox EC/IR II “breathalyzer” machine.

2.) The State proves that you were under influence of an illegal drug, which impaired your ability to operate a motor vehicle,

3.) Your mental and physical faculties were sufficiently impaired due to an impairing substance, which includes alcohol or other drugs.

Matthew’s goal is to defend your rights and he will look at all the issues in your case to determine if your case is right for trial. Review Matthew’s “Plan of Action” to get a feel for what he typically does to defend DWI cases.

Plan of Action

dwi defense attorney Determining if there was reasonable suspicion for the vehicle stop and probable cause to arrest for suspicion of DWI are just some of the issues Matthew will evaluate. He will also determine if the Intox EC/IR II was properly calibrated and administered during your breath alcohol test, as well as ensure that all constitutional safeguards were followed throughout your entire arrest and booking.¬†Matthew’s experience writing and arguing motions to exclude evidence of impairment will prove valuable to your case.

Contact Raleigh DWI attorney Matthew J. Golden day or night to discuss your case free of charge. He is willing to accommodate your busy schedule and take the time out of his day to ensure the State won’t convict you of DWI without evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Contact us now.