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Old Traffic Tickets in “VL” Status

For one reason or another, you may have missed a court date for a traffic ticket. It could be because you simply forgot the court date, you couldn’t secure transportation, or that you didn’t possess the financial means at the time of your court date to hire an attorney to represent you. In some occasions there may have been an error by a clerk, judicial official, or another attorney which caused your court date to be missed. In any event, you will want the assistance of an experienced attorney to help you with your missed court date.

If it has been less than 20 days since your missed court date, an attorney may be able to help you file a motion for a new court date that would have to be approved by an assistant district attorney and the judge who presided over your case on that missed date. I can often help clients get a new court date without any additional penalties or fines if they take quick action and call me right away.

If it has been more than 20 days since your missed court date, your case may be in what’s call “VL” status. Voluntary Leave status means that by missing your court date, you have prejudiced the State of North Carolina and they have consequently dismissed your case “With Leave”. This is technically not a dismissal at all. The DMV will be notified shortly after your case enters “VL” status and they will take action to suspend your license. They will mail you a letter that states a scheduled suspension date.  Your license will be suspended indefinitely until your case is handled. If you take action and hire an attorney to represent you on that ticket quickly before the suspension start date, your suspension can be canceled.

For tickets that are in “VL” status, I can file a motion to add your case onto the calendar quickly (within a 1 week time frame). Once it’s on the “VL” calendar, I can negotiate with the assistant district attorney to get you the best possible plea deal, often saving you valuable points on your insurance and license. If there is a very good reason for you missing court, I can also ask the judge in “VL” court to strike the $200 Failure to Appear fine that is added on to any ticket that entered “VL” status.

Give me a call today if you have missed a court date or have an old traffic ticket that needs to be taken care of. I may be able to save your license from being suspended or end an indefinite suspension by clearing up old tickets.

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