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Increase of DWI’s in Downtown Raleigh

In my practice, I have noticed a significant increase in clients who have been arrested in and around the downtown Raleigh, NC area. Based on statistics posted in a recent article, the number of arrests in Wake County have nearly doubled this year from the same time frame last year. Without a doubt, the main cause of this increase is the newly formed downtown Raleigh DWI police force.

With a booming restaurant and bar scene now in downtown Raleigh, the Raleigh Police Department decided to focus its efforts on catching and arresting those who have had too much drink and have decided to drive out of downtown. RPD applied for a federal grant of $500,000 to start the task force which consists of a handful of officers whose sole focus is patrolling the roads in and around downtown Raleigh, especially on weekend nights when the bar scene is busiest. As a result, some officers already have over a hundred pending DWI cases, which can be difficult to keep up with and track, especially when they are sitting in court waiting to speak with a number of attorneys.

In my dealings with these officers, it is important to request full discovery and subpoena available videos of the incident early on in the court proceedings, so my clients and I can make an informed decision about fighting the case and having a trial or filing a motion. The officers do the best job they can in keeping track of all of their arrests and discovery files but it is important for the attorney to make sure all available material is received and nothing slips through the cracks due to the sheer volume of DWI cases being prosecuted.

If you have been charged with DWI in or around downtown Raleigh, NC, or anywhere else in Wake County, feel free to give my office a call to speak with me or set up an appointment to discuss your case. Talking with a lawyer as soon as you have been arrested may ease some of your concerns and is important in planning your pre-trial driving privileges.