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Driving While License Revoked in Wake County, NC

As a Raleigh criminal defense attorney, one of the most common charges I handle in Wake County, NC is Driving While License Revoked. These cases make up a significant part of the district court calendar every single day. Although some may be lead to believe that it is just a simple traffic charge, it is actually a Class 1 misdemeanor in North Carolina and can carry up to 120 days in jail, depending on the defendant’s record level.

The most important question I ask my clients when they tell me they have been charged with Driving While License Revoked is:

What caused your license to be revoked in the first place?

It’s a simple question but I don’t always get a simple answer. Some clients have old traffic tickets that they may have forgotten about and missed court for. Some clients have been convicted of Driving While Impaired and were caught driving without a driving privilege or outside the normal hours or operation. Others have been convicted of moving violations during a period of time when their license was already suspended and is now suspended for at least a year.

If my client has old traffic tickets in Wake County or the surrounding areas I may be able to help them clean up their driving record and dispose of these old matters. Where a defendant has multiple tickets in “VL” status, an assistant district attorney may consider dismissing some of the charges in exchange for a plea to just one of the charges, saving a defendant from having to pay off multiple old tickets. If a defendant has a PJC available, and the plea is to a moving violation, I may be able to request for a judge to grant a PJC to avoid license points, insurance points, and a further suspension. Ultimately, a driving record with multiple outstanding tickets could be cleaned up in a way that would let the client get his or her license back.

Having a license in court for a charge of Driving While License Revoked could be very helpful to resolving a client’s case. Feel free to contact Traffic Attorney Matthew J. Goldenif you have been charged with Driving While License Revoked.